Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini, WBA Welterweight Champion

Through the years, I’ve gone hundreds of rounds and thrown thousands of punches. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise at this point in my life, that I have all of these aches and pains in my muscles and joints. Ginger Heat is the one muscle rub I’ve used that has gotten me back to recovery faster than others. With all of its natural ingredients, my body has recovered quickly and is able to go more rounds and get me through my daily routine faster than others. Ginger Heat is the champ of all muscle rubs.

Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini

Will Claxton, PGA Tour

A little over four years ago I was at the top of my game. Unfortunately, I was injured during a round and had to endure a hip surgery and then ruptured two discs in my back. Over the last few years there have been many days that I questioned being able to compete again on the golf course. Recently I was introduced to a product, Ginger Heat. Ginger Heat has been a vital tool in my ability to get back on the course! It has allowed me to get back on the course daily and allows my muscles to stay loose while I compete. I’m so thankful for Ginger Heat! There is no other product like it!

Will Claxton

Michael C. Scinta, Esq.

I have arthritis in my left thumb joint. When it flares up it gets so painful that sometimes I can’t even fasten a button. It also affects my range of motion. I thought that applying it to a joint would be useless. I was completely surprised. The Ginger Heat Muscle Rub completely relieved my pain. It worked better than a cortisone shot I had in the past. This is a great product!

Michael C. Scinta, Esq.
Brown Chiari LLP

JT Smith

This is the best product that i have used in years. I’m a 13-year veteran retired NFL athlete. My body aches and soreness can come out of nowhere. Pain is debilitating. I’ve tried creams and rubs to get very short-lived results after only one application. The results from the ginger heat muscle rub are astonishing. I can go a whole day not feeling any pain or discomfort but more importantly not even having to reapply the rub only if needed. Athletes of all levels will truly benefit.

JT Smith
Retired former all pro NFL receiver/punt returner

Anaheim Ducks Strength and Conditioning Coach

“Definitely one of the most consistent and beneficial products I have used when combined with proper treatment and training programming. Definitely going to have this around for a while.”

Justin Roethlingshoefer

Faithful User

“I don’t normally do product reviews; however, this product needs some public attention! As an athlete, student, and working at the hospital, I constantly put my body to the test. Achy joints and years of wear and tear have made me use different rubs and ointments to help me when I’m at my worst. I’ve tried them all, but nothing matches up to Ginger Heat! This stuff really works! Plus in doing some research and looking at the active ingredients and science behind it I couldn’t help but try and fall in love with it!. Great product!

Jonathan Magnano
Certified Personal Trainer

Medical Sales Rep/Nurse

“I was pleasantly surprised with this product. As a nurse in medical sales the past 25 years I have sold pain products, most recently an OTC Lidocaine pain patch. This product with natural ingredients preformed better than the pain patch for me. If you have ever used a product like bio-freeze, you know that it wears off fairly quickly. Following the application directions I found that I was still receiving benefits for a sprained ankle 24 hours after the application. This is a product that I would recommend to family and friends and would purchase again!”

Lynn Briand

Massage therapist and certified personal trainer

As a massage therapist, i have used a variety of pain relief topicals on my clients. However GINGER HEAT has delivered as promised for my clients, especially those with tendinitis, muscle strains, and inflammatory conditions. Its fast acting results have allowed me to provide the pain-relieving treatment that my clients are seeking, especially those athletes who want to stay on the top of their game and return to high impact workouts. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking to recover quickly from injuries and relieve pain.

Stephanie Szpila

Auto Accident

Years ago i was injured in an auto accident and still feel the affects to this day. Radiating back pain from neck into shoulder area where it is hard to lift arms to getting pain so intense that it leads to migraines weekly. Like most after an accident i was prescribed pain killers that lead to a nightmare of addiction and dependence. I used every rub out there and thought Ginger heat rub would provide only temporary relief like most rubs. I was wrong. I apply as directed and this stuff last for hours and you can feel the soothing heat. It has made my situation manageable. This will become a staple in your medicine cabinet.

Dave S

Physically demanding job

Having suddenly changed my work duties from a desk-job to a physically demanding inventory job for the last 7 weeks, i could not have survived it without ginger heat. My body rebelled with lower back pain. A two-time application of ginger rub each evening and again in the morning and by the time i got to the job-site, i was 100%. Thank goodness for this wonderful product, it made a difficult situation bearable.

Carol D

Back pain

Thank you so much for your amazing product. Occasionally I hurt my back, and it usually puts me horizontal for 4-5 days minimum. Last month it happened the week of my annual golf tournament. I was literally in bed on Wednesday and Thursday until my order of hot ginger arrived around noon. I started to apply and within 2 hours i was upright and on my way to work to make up for lost time. My tournament started the next day but i wasn’t hopeful even though i was finally walking. Well i woke up the next day feeling about 75% healed. I stretched for a while and took off for my tournament. I kept applying ginger heat every 2-3 hours and amazingly by that afternoon i felt like maybe i could swing a golf club. Over the next 72 hours or so i played 72 holes of golf with absolutely no pain. I had some tightness at times but i would just apply more hot ginger and it would loosen up and go away. I can’t thank you enough! I had already spent $1,000+ on the golf trip and was sure I was going to miss it. I tried every rub, patch and pill i could get my hands on and nothing worked until ginger heat arrived!

Gregory B

Sciatic Nerve Pain

I’ve been using the ginger heat rub every night for my sciatic nerve pain. It dramatically helps reduce the burning pain that keeps me up at night. I also use it on my mid back and shoulders to relieve daily tension that comes with having chronic back pain.

Ryan K

Mason Contractor

I work as a mason contractor. i use my hands all day long. They hurt every day. ginger heat muscle rub gives me pain relief in minutes!

John Felgemacher

Personal Trainer, Catalyst fitness

Ginger heat muscle rub is the best product i have ever used. As a former division 1 athlete, muscle soreness and injury were very common. I tried everything from bio-freeze to tiger balm. I wish i had hot ginger back then. Today my lifting program is very rigorous. Hot ginger is great for relieving muscle soreness from these sessions and a bad sprain i had to my hand and fingers. The injury caused painful stiffness, poor range of motion in my fingers and limited grip strength. Now i use it on my hand and fingers every day. Immediately the pain, motion and grip are greatly improved. The more that i use it, the better it works. I continue to feel the warmth of the increased blood circulation and my muscles and joints loosening. I will never use anything else. I love it!

Katie Baglio, Personal Trainer - Buffalo, NY
Catalyst Fitness

Back Pain

I’ve had back pain for the last 20 years and after many treatments from doctors and chiropractors nothing has seemed to work. It’s been like a constant toothache for years. The last 18 months i haven’t been able to swing a golf club. After having ginger heat introduced to me 3 months ago i’ve played golf 4 times. This product has been a life saver and has given me comfort like nothing other. It’s amazing and i love how it stays hot on my back for three to four hours after applying it. It’s truly been a blessing and i highly recommend it to anyone having and muscle pain.

Marty - Naples, Florida

Highgate Medical Group


I have a daughter who is a college athlete and suffered with tremendous muscle pain for months. We tried all kinds of over the counter muscle rubs, physical therapy, Chiropractic care including ultrasound and TENS machine, acupuncture and her trainer used stim on a regular basis. It wasn’t until she started using the Ginger Heat Muscle Rub that she started feeling better and able to resume the level of play she had prior to her injuries. She is a true believer and has passed this onto her trainer at school who is starting to help others as well. We can’t thank Ginger Heat Muscle Rub enough!

Dr. Lori Luzi - Williamsville, NY

Retired NHL Hockey Player

Grant Ledyard

Ginger Heat Muscle Rub has been an excellent source of pain relief for me after hours of on ice instructions. I also use it to prep prior to my men’s hockey league games. I love how this product works!

Grant Ledyard - Clarence, NY

Former NFL All Pro Wide Receiver

The ginger heat rub is an outstanding product that I use on a daily basis. Being a former NFL 12 year All-pro wide receiver that still trains and works out, my body is banged up and the unique blend of ingredients in the ginger heat rub have been a life saver in my workout, recovery, and helping tremendously with the soreness that comes with training 6 days a week. This product is light years above any product I’ve used on market before. I choose this product over any other because of the fact that it truly works!

Eric Moulds
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